Tuesday notes

– Punchout is awesome.  No doubt about it.  It’s challenging and frustrating… but the gameplay is terrific.  It forces you to get better every time… and I love it.

One thing that does help, if you’re really struggling, is to find a video on Youtube detailing some of the strategies for each boxer.  I was struggling mightily with Super Macho Man, but after seeing a video detailing him a bit more… I was able to dispatch him.

On to Mr. Sandman.

– InFamous shipped today via Gamefly.  Can’t wait to spend the better part of the weekend playing it.  Now I just need to get a pre-order code for the ‘blade’ weapons.

– I thought I could make it a whole year without buying a game… but I just couldn’t do it.  The one that finished me off?  Plants vs. Zombies…

Without a doubt it’s one of the more entertaining and enjoyable games that I’ve played in years.

I’ll be cutting my check to Child’s Play soon.  Wish I could have made it longer… but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the donation all the same.

– Quite the amazing Brewers/Cardinals game yesterday.  1-0 win in the 10th.  I had to laugh when I saw them all sprint off the field after the win.  The Cards have complained for the last season or so about the ‘untucking the shirt’ celebration that the Brewers do… I guess running off the field will be the next thing that they’ll complain about.

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1 Response to Tuesday notes

  1. mightyj says:

    Can’t blame you for your streak ending on that game. Plants vs. Zombies is the first ‘casual’ game I’ve been sucked into this bad since Fairway Solitaire.


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