Quick Thursday notes

– Fight Night: Round 4 demo is on Xbox Live right now.  Probably on the PS Store later today (along with Resident Evil for the PS One… damn dogs jumping through the window still scares me.)

– Brewers just can’t score runs right now.  Hopefully the loss of Weeks at the top of the order isn’t a problem that will keep them from playing at a high level.

One thing I don’t get is why Macha wouldn’t bunt someone from 1st to 2nd when you get the leadoff runner on in the 9th… and you’re down by a run.  Oh, well.

– Plants vs. Zombies is terrific… well worth breaking my gaming pledge…

– I have to admit that I like it when I get a story up before some of the bigger boys.  The Tecmo stuff was interesting to hear about.  I’m bummed about the death of the DS version, but an online Xbox Live version of Tecmo makes me very happy.

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1 Response to Quick Thursday notes

  1. MeanOnSunday says:

    With no outs and a runner on first the chance of scoring a single run is greater by swinging away rather than bunting if the hitter has at least a .280 OBP.


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