Yay! It’s Friday!


So Madden 10 will have online co-op play. I’m really looking forward to this and hoping it will be as much fun as it sounds.

If you’re an Orioles fan, you’re very, very excited about tonight because we are seeing the debut of Matt Wieters in an Orioles uniform. Well, if the rain stops that is. Fingers crossed!

EA Sports is now accepting applicants into the closed beta for Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. Believe it or not I found out about this in the Wall Street Journal. Click here to sign up.

You can buy 2, get 1 free on ALL used games at Gamestop this weekend. (Through Sunday 5/31). Hurry!

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1 Response to Yay! It’s Friday!

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    Wieters had a great night tonight, as did Reimold.

    But, knowing O’s management, they’ll royally fuck it up somehow.


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