Fight Night Round 4


I love Fight Night. I think I should have bought it for the PS3 becuase the RS on the Xbox gives my right thumb callouses. I should at least take a break when playing so it doesn’t hurt so much.

I’m in my career mode, and I’m having fun. I do love the controls.

The one thing I notice is that after every knockdown, there’s a replay feature…well many times this “replay” shows my boxer punching air and then there’s this “boom” noise as if the punch made enough impact to knockdown my opponent. It’s kinda funny to see him punching air and making the guy knock down.

During live action, this doesn’t look to be the case – I didn’t ghost punch him during the game, so it just happens during the replay.

The training hasn’t changed much, even though there’s a 50% hit, I just keep auto training – the load times are a little better than R3, but it’s annoying to load incessantly – even if you do install to the HD.

Overall, I still love it though!

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