Monday notes

– My apologies for the lack of posting over the last few days.  Work has been crazy and I decided to spend a bit of time with the family.

– Dan and I took part in the conference call for The Bigs 2 last Thursday.  I’ll post the link to that later today.  It sounds like they’ve added some depth to the game (as far as the career portion is concerned.)  Dan and I have been a broken record on this, but we loved the last game… so my hopes are rather high for this version.

– I played a lot of Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii this weekend.  Holy crap, if you want a challenge… try out online option to play in the tournament that the pros are playing.  No spin options, no putting meter, no putt preview.  I finished the first round with a 95.  It’s an incredible challenge, but I found that it did help me with the career that I’m working on as well.  (Which is quite challenging as well.)

The one thing that I was disappointed to see was the Amateur online tournament scores.  People were averaging -20 something for each round.  I hated crap like that with Links and other games.  I guess I can just avoid those tourneys.

– I should be getting my copy of Fight Night from Gamefly today.  From the demo I had some issues with the punch controls with the thumbsticks.  Some punches just didn’t seem to respond correctly from the motions that you were told to use.  I’ll see how that pans out with the retail version.

Baseball Mogul 2010 is dropping it’s price for the next two days, taking the price down to $19.99.  For the sim players out there, it’s a nice deal.

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  1. sprtgamer567 says:

    the BIGS 2 has major improvemnets then 1 and has great gameplay and a variety of songs including BOOm by P.O.D but Homerun Derby Pinball is pretty fun and i like how you gain points just by putting in rivera to close the game


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