Quick question for you all

– My Component inputs on my 4 1/2 year old Samsung DLP TV seem to be dying.  Both my Wii and HD-DVD player seem to be having issues with their initial connection to the inputs.  If I turn on the device before the TV is switched to the input, it seems to work ok… but it has an issue sometimes where it just shows the image, then flashes to ‘signal not detected’ and then back to the image again.

I can easily purchase an HDMI switch box via Monoprice for the HD-DVD player, but the Wii is a different story and I need to rely on the component inputs for that.

Any suggestions for what I can try before thinking about a major TV repair?  (My wife won’t let me entertain the notion of replacing the TV.  Sigh….)

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1 Response to Quick question for you all

  1. sprtgamer567 says:

    get new cords


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