Madden 10 demo code giveaway

Ok, I’ve been given 2 codes for the Madden 10 demo.

One for the PS3 and one for the 360.

First person to respond gets the code of their choice.  (The other code goes to me… unless I can find some more.)

Good luck!

Update:  Wow.  That didn’t take long.  PS3 code has been given away.  I’ll try to get more this week if possible.

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9 Responses to Madden 10 demo code giveaway

  1. wadman says:

    I’d like the PS3 one, if you still have it.


  2. crgnjul says:

    I’d like the 360 one if you still have it


  3. tanis38 says:

    I’d like the . . . ah crap.


  4. Glen says:

    I’m working on getting more. Hopefully we’ll make some more progress with that today.

    It went faster than I would have thought.


  5. Darkbandit says:

    I wouldn’t mind a 360 one if you get others. Guess that is what I get for sleeping in late.


  6. odenkirk says:

    I’d love a 360 code if you have an extra. Thanks Glen!


  7. Glen says:

    Wow. You guys are going to keep me jumping. I’ll see what I can do.


  8. skzippity says:

    I would love a PS3 code if you have an extra one. I am living in Canada and do not have access to the demo codes.


  9. WSR says:

    I know I’m REALLY late, but I would love a code also. Either system would work! Thanks!


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