I’m headed out to get WiiSports Resort right now…sorry about the podcast. I was ready to go but it didn’t work.

Of course, it’s funny that the IT guy can’t figure it out, but whatever. He also sucks at the Bigs 2 for that matter.

In other news, I’ve been playing NCAA and the Bigs 2all weekend…in NCAA, I’ve been looking for the “peephole on Erin Andrews mode” that everyone’s been talking about but no such luck.

Anyway, Road To Glory has been keeping me busy. I started as a QB from my HS, lost in the final game (boo!) but got many offers. I went as a 3rd String QB to OSU.

The ‘practice’ mode seems rather silly; in order to move up to 2nd string you need 105 practice points. Points are given out when you get a pass for good yardage or get a TD on a pass. If you start at the 40 yd line, and throw a 35 yd pass, that’s 2 points. If you through it for 40 and it’s a TD, you can get 6. Yeah, that’s fair.

So basically you have to do this drill twice and then voila you’re first string. I became first string at OSU in October of my Freshman year. Just like how it is for real. I guess there’s a trade off between 2 yrs of practice and being a boring game or being unrealistic but able to play.

Games go faster in this mode because you don’t have to play through everything. I have to say, overall, I don’t hate the game as much as I thought – how’s that for a ringing endorsement. Madden is much better though, just in the demo.

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2 Responses to Sunday

  1. Glen says:

    Right Dan… because I’m an IT guy… I can troubleshoot every piece of software written for every operating system.

    I’ll be posting my Road to Glory thoughts later today.


  2. crgnjul says:

    Dan – Road to Glory was that way in last years version, so no change there.


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