Wii Sports Resort

I picked up Wii Sports Resort and played a few games with my son.

My thoughts:

Table Tennis – fun. Not a whole lot different than other games. but decent enough.

Bowling – Much harder than the original.

Frisbee – I found it very difficult. My son found it very easy.

Fencing – A lot like Wii Boxing..flail away.

Wakeboarding – ho hum.

Basketball (3 pt shootout) – Fun, challenging

AirSports – Never thought of dogfighting as a sport, but it’s cute

This game has “stamps” which is the Wii version of achievements. Also as you finish one game you unlock others like a 100pin bowling game (vs 10 pins).

All cute stuff, enjoyable. It’s like a casual game – something to do and fun, but not anything you’ll write home about.

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