Friday morning notes

– With the Packers selecting last in the first round, I barely paid any attention to the draft hype during this week and when I did check in tonight I was incredibly happy to see the Vikings pick up Christian Ponder from Florida State.  An average college QB going to a really messed up team.  Gotta like that.

As far as the Packers pick went, I think it was a great move for them.  With Bulaga last year and now Sherrod this year, the Packers should be set at Tackle for the next 5 or 6 years.  Hell, when you win the Super Bowl, you should just be looking to get the best player and plug them in and I think the did a good job with that.

– In, what has to be, one of the most idiotic articles that I’ve ever seen posted on Kotaku, one of their brilliant writers today announce that he was surprised to see that 1/2 of the people that have Portal 2 haven’t finished it yet.   Newsflash, moron… Some people have families, jobs, and lives.  Not everyone who plays video games now buys a game and immediately flies through the single player mode as fast as they can.

This is just the kind of nuanced article that you can find on most gaming sites now a days.  Good lord…

– Speaking of Portal 2, I’m still working my way through it.  I think I’m about 75% done at this point and should be finishing it up over the weekend.

– The other game that I’m continuing to play is Ghost Recon for the 3DS.  It’s just such a solid strategy title and it is, by far, my favorite 3DS title so far.

– Lastly, if anyone knows of a good way to be alerted when Best Buy or Amazon is going to get more stock on the Asus Transformer Tablet, let me know.  I haven’t looked all that hard to find tracking utilities, but if anyone has something that they use already, I’d be curious to hear what tool they use for it.

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