Tuesday notes

– Good grief, if you read the Madison papers, you’d think that Wisconsin has pretty much locked up the Big Ten title, and will be in the running for a National Championship based on their pickup of Russell Wilson yesterday.

I know that I’m a gigantic homer, but people need to relax a bit.  The guy is a good college QB, who will be playing with the best offensive line in his career, but people need to be realistic.

When was the last time that the UW had a chance at a national title?  Um… yeah… I knew you’d figure that out.

– Should be a fun series between the Yankees and Brewers over the next three days.  The Brewers have been having a lot of fun beating up on teams that are slumping or struggling, so they get another test against one of the premier teams in the AL and can see if they can improve on their 2-4 record against the rest of the AL East.

– If you’re in the Madison area today, you may hear me yelling with excitement at some point before the end of the day, as I’m done wearing my sling that I was required to wear after my shoulder surgery.   All I’m waiting on at this point is the go ahead from my therapist and then I’ll be taking this thing off for good.

Tomorrow night there will be a private ceremony at our house where I burn the damn thing.

– The NCAA Football 12 demo is out on the 360 at this moment and will be appearing on the PS3 later today.

Be sure to post your thoughts when you get a chance to play it.

I won’t be able to try it out tonight as I’ll be seeing Return of the King with a few friends.  Priorities…

– Lastly, I have finally gotten to the 12th book of the Wheel of Time series.  I’m amazed how long I have stuck with this series as I could never have imagined that I could have read this many pages and kept track of this many characters.

Hopefully I’ll be all caught up by the time the last book comes out at the end of the year.

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