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Sing this with me, this is 40.

Well, today is one of those milestones for me, as I officially hit 40. Yikes. That came fast. I’m celebrating by cleaning out the shed and watching MTV|30 on VH1 Classic. It’s amazing all the cool things that came out … Continue reading

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Boston Sports

WOW. I should end the post there, but let’s talk about this. Haynesworth – I like this move. A 5th round pick for someone with his talet is a great trade. If he plays like he should it’s a great … Continue reading

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Thursday night notes

Quite a bit going on…. – So, Kolb to Arizona… everyone knew that one was coming. McNabb to Vikings… no shock there.  Of course, he has no receivers at the moment other than Percy Harvin and his migranes.  Actually, Percy’s … Continue reading

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Nintendo means business, slashes 3DS to $169

In a moment of “holy crap,” Nintendo made it very clear that the 3DS is their platform of choice and they aren’t going to let Sony take over. As of August 12, the console will be $169.99. Holy crap. What’s … Continue reading

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Tuesday notes

– And the NFL signing stuff starts to go crazy. The Packers won’t be doing much of anything, just cutting players go so that they have the room to sign their own draft picks.  Plus, they really have so much … Continue reading

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Amazon EA Sports Deals

Amazon is currently giving a $20 credit if you buy FIFA 12 and/or NHL 12 ($20 for each)…just thought you should know.

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Monday Thoughts

Nice to see the Revs get a draw this weekend, especially after a cluster goal. I always say to myself I need to post, but then I completely forget what I was going to post. Oh, I remember, it was … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Notes

– Ok, so the NFL will be back to business soon. It’s amazing to see how much coverage and fan interest there is in a story where the fans get absolutely nothing out of it.   Actually, I take that … Continue reading

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A post

During the podcast it was discussed on how little I had posted recently, so I figured I’d try and find some stuff to post about. I really have not been doing a lot of gaming and since this is a … Continue reading

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Riding the Pines – Episode 70

Well, it’s a Friday night and the gang is all here. Here’s what Dan, Craig, and Glen talk about tonight. – Netflix changes – NCAA Football 12 – Various DVR setups – Spotify – Fantasy Baseball and Football – The … Continue reading

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