Tuesday notes

– And the NFL signing stuff starts to go crazy.

The Packers won’t be doing much of anything, just cutting players go so that they have the room to sign their own draft picks.  Plus, they really have so much depth right now that FA’s won’t be entering into the picture.

Still, it will be interesting to see who goes where.

– Bike shopping was an interesting experience last night.  All I found out was that I really liked the feel of the carbon frame model I rode last night.  The aluminum models were nice, but I felt a lot of road bumps with them.

I’ll be doing a lot of riding over the next few weeks to try and figure something out.

I’m just glad that my wife hasn’t questioned my bike shopping (or the golf items that I’m thinking of picking up in the next year….)

– Dan sent me this earlier today.   Not sure how I feel about a website being featured inside of the game (even if it is just for the community stuff.)

Not sure if it means that they get the game earlier or have more access to the developers, it just seems wrong to me.

Having said all that, I’m thinking we should have a new logo and a try at forums.  (Just kidding.)

– While I’d love to catch up on some gaming, I have a work event tonight that will be taking me to dinner and then to a Madison Mallards baseball game, in the Duck Blind.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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2 Responses to Tuesday notes

  1. MeanOnSunday says:

    You’re probably right knowing Ted Thompson, but I would like to see the Packers sign another cornerback. On offense the main weakness is the line, but having drafted tackles with the last two #1 picks they will be getting rid of Tauscher (again) and I can’t see them signing a guard since they are not sure if they want to pay Colledge.

    On defense they have too many linebackers, and Barnett has to go. On the DL they don’t seem to want to pay Cullen Jenkins, so it doesn’t make sense to sign a replacement when he’s the best available. That leaves the defensive backfield. Since they use 3 CB on 70% of their plays they really need 3 players of starting quality. Add in that Woodson is getting older and is injury prone to begin with, you know he will miss some games. Plus the #4 CB Underwood is in legal trouble again and played poorly last year. Signing a starting CB gives flexibility since Woodson would be a quality Free Safety, strengthening another weak position.

    If Tauscher, Barnett, and Harrell (finally) are cut, and Jenkins leaves that gives plenty to resign the draft picks and other key free agents Colledge and Crosby, neither of whom can demand huge salaries, with a decent chunk of change left over. Figure Underwood, Bell, Jolly and Poppinga as camp cuts that just aren’t worth their salaries and the available cap room could be $10+ million. Nnamdi Asomugha is only a dream, but Joseph from the Bengals is only 27 and Cromartie may be available because of the Jets cap problem.

    Oh, and the day after the lockout ends the Packers announce their (delayed) financials. As the only team that releases full financial information the owners made a big deal about how the Packers profits had been decreasing over the last few years. And guess what, the Packers made a big fat profit. And not because they won the Super Bowl either, as they didn’t have a home playoff game and the biggest increase was in ticket revenue. Stadium expansion here we come, and $100 million in the bank for a rainy day. Not bad for the smallest market in the league. Just further convinces me that the lockout was mostly about some lazy ass owners that want to be able to have guaranteed profits without actually making an effort to raise their local revenues.


  2. Glen says:

    I guess I just don’t see that many holes in the secondary. They improved a great deal as the season (and post season) went on. I think they’re going all in with the DB’s that they have though. Spending that kind of money on Asomugha just doesn’t make much sense. Joseph would be nice to have, but I just don’t think there is enough of a need to go after someone like him.

    It’s nice that they have so much depth that you can think over any position on the roster and the thing that you think they need is a 3rd CB. Good position to be in.


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