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WOW. I should end the post there, but let’s talk about this.

Haynesworth – I like this move. A 5th round pick for someone with his talet is a great trade. If he plays like he should it’s a great addition. If he thinks he’s still in Washington the Pats cut him and it only cost a 5th round pick.

Ochocinco – I’m not as happy with this move. I know they turned Moss around. Maybe they can do that here as well, but he’s not as talented as Moss, so the risk is a lot higher. I agree the Pats need a play making WR, but I see Ochocinco’s attitude overshadowing what he does on the field. Maybe not in the first few games, but once he goes 2 games with 2 catches his attitude will catch up with the Pats.

Buckholz – Seems his back is worse than anyone thought and may be lost for the season.

Crawford – Out today with elbow pain. Let’s hope the cortizone shot he got helps.

J.D. Drew – says his shoulder’s been bothering him most of the year. Well it’s a good thing he’s on the DL then. The Red Sox have had some young OF’s like Josh Reddick step up this season and fill in nicely. Pesonally, I’d like to see Reddick keep the starting job in right when Drew comes back.

Red Sox trades – of course there is a lot of speculation on what the Red Sox will do before the trade deadline. I don’t know that they have to make any moves, but a high quality starting pitcher would be nice. James Shields? That’s who I’d like them to get.

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