Nintendo means business, slashes 3DS to $169

In a moment of “holy crap,” Nintendo made it very clear that the 3DS is their platform of choice and they aren’t going to let Sony take over. As of August 12, the console will be $169.99. Holy crap.

What’s even more amazing, in order to thank those that have already bought the console, anyone that connects to the eShop on their 3DS by August 11 will be automatically enrolled in the Nintendo Ambassador program…which means you get TEN (10!) NES games free that are currently unreleased like SMB, Donkey Kong Jr. and more. But that’s not all; by the end of the year you’ll also get TEN (10!) GBA games…yes, that’s Game Boy Advance….

Now that is the way you take care of your early adopters!

So, Haynesworth to the Patriots…Holy crap on that too.

PS – regarding ATL/PIT – I still haven’t seen the C tag Lugo. I saw an ole! swipe. If I was the umpire I wouldn’t have said it was wrong, I don’t think it was. Oh and I do hate PIT (1979, anyone)! 😉


What more weird things will happen today?


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