Thursday night notes

Quite a bit going on….

– So, Kolb to Arizona… everyone knew that one was coming.

McNabb to Vikings… no shock there.  Of course, he has no receivers at the moment other than Percy Harvin and his migranes.  Actually, Percy’s migranes might be the 2nd best receiver on the team.  (All kidding aside, my wife has migranes… they are a slice of awful that I’d never want any part of.)

Ochocinco to Patriots along with Haynesworth.  Haynesworth first… the guy flat out quit on the Redskins because he didn’t want to play in a 3-4 and he’s going to be a model citizen in New England… playing in a 3-4?  C’mon. He was good…. but he’s a terrible team player.

Happy to see Ochocinco get a chance for a ring in New England though.  I’ve always liked him for some reason.  I don’t think the Moss comparisons are accurate for him, but I think he’ll be solid there.

Reggie Bush to the Dolphins.   Not sure what they’re going to get out of him there.  A guy who never lived up to being anywhere near what people thought he would be.  (How does Houston look now for not picking him #1 overall again?)

– In gaming, I got into the Battlefield 3 alpha on the PC and while it’s pretty impressive to play… I have a few issues with the fact that there are no manuals and everyone playing is crap-tons better than me.   I might be a bit more comfortable playing it on the PS3 (since that’s where I played the most of BC2,) but still… there are some savagely good guys in those games that seemed to know the map almost instantly.   Oh, well.

– I also got a rental of Child of Eden for the 360, which has to be one of the most unique titles that I’ve played in a long time.  If only there was a trance vibrator attachment for the game… Oh, wait… that’s been done before.

Just a very trippy game.

– As far as the 3DS news, I’m happy to hear that I’ll be getting 20 games for having bought my system early, and I”m not upset about the drop in price.  I think I’ve gotten at least that amount of value from the console in the past 4 months, so seeing a drop like that doesn’t upset me a ton.

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  1. MeanOnSunday says:

    Packers now $19 million under the cap since they didn’t sign Colledge (have to agree that $5 million is too much for a barely above average guard) and Jones is the only free agent left that they might re-sign. The new deal forces them to spend 99% of the cap this year, so I guess they are planning to extend contracts of some guys that are not free agents until next year.


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