Friday notes

– After re-reading my Madden notes, I realized that there were a few things that I didn’t touch on.   I’ll be putting up another post about those things (Superstar mode being one of them) during the weekend.

– So, I have two fantasy drafts tomorrow (in-person and the blog league,) want to get a 15 mile bike ride in, need to do a bunch of lawn work (filling in holes dug up by various yard critters… damn country living,) and play hockey on Sunday.  At some point I think I might spend some time with my family… nah… they see enough of me as it is.

– Really hoping that I can spend some more time with Deus Ex over the next week as well.  The game is just so damn good and the fact that you have so many different options as to ways that you can complete a particular level really makes the game amazing.  (BTW, finished the first level without killing a single person… which is awesome.)

– The Brewers have 18 of their last 30 games at home, and have the best record in the majors at home this season.   Also, they only play 2 teams with a winning record (St. Louis for 6, Philly for 4) for the rest of the season.

It’s safe to say that the Magic number of 22 can’t drop fast enough.  I desperately want to see more post season baseball here in Milwaukee, and you won’t stop hearing from me about it until they clinch the division…. heh.

– Have a great weekend.

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