Glen has been playing the game for a week, so he has a lot of comments. I played the game for a few hours last night. Yes, I am one of those people that paid $25 for the privilege.
Here are my thoughts:
1. I am surprised that you can play the game early except for modes like Ultimate Team. This was explained prior of course, but still, if you can play the game early, you should play the whole game early.
2. The game does not show up as “Madden NFL 12” as if Glen was playing it (he has retail code). Instead it says Madden Pre-Release. Bizarre.
3. I am not impressed with the play-by-play at all. Gus Johnson is very repetitive. If I hear that the play was perfect one more time…
4. Gameplay itself – I am not of the “OMG The right guard didn’t move in a way to offset the rollout by the QB!” variety — I can say I find the gameplay slow. I don’t have the same issues with the running game that Glen has.
5. I’m playing the game but it doesn’t have the awesome “fun” feeling that I have felt with this year’s NCAA.
6. It does look awesome.
7. Here’s a video of my amazing touchdown run where I lateraled the ball for the run. Now I’m not sure about the scoring on this — I need help — does the player that ran it in the end zone get credit for the entire run? It gives the player a 40 yard TD run, even though he doesn’t actually run it for the 40 yards. I’d love to hear from the community on this one.
8. I am glad I get the Season Pass because I get to play the game for a weekend that others do not. When I looked online, about 3,000 people were on…the download is 4GB and there’s a minor hurricane on the east coast so those numbers may be a little lower than what EA expected. But still, that’s $75,000 for EA that they didn’t have before…

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  1. MeanOnSunday says:

    Yardage up to the point of the lateral is assigned to the first player; any yardage, positive or negative, from the point at which the lateral was made is credited to the second player. (If the lateral was behind the line of scrimmage any gain/loss beyond the line of scrimmage is assigned to the second player and the first player is not given any statistics.)


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