Sunday Thoughts

1. Craig and I both have one player left to play in fantasy football. Let’s just say I’m glad I don’t have Tom Brady today.
2. Congrats to the Bills…they really had the power to win that game. Even as a Pats fan, their drive and their attitude was great. 4 picks. Ouch. Just not good playing by the Patriots. Now Buffalo has sole possession of the AFC East. Impressive stuff. And how can you not like Buffalo…fans that have been through the ringer, playing at Toronto, crappy stadium…I am happy for them..
3. Had a few comments about FIFA 12. First, the difference is insanely noticible. The game plays must faster, you cannot run from end line to end line, you must pass/cross/thread to score. Scoring a goal is a near orgasmic experience like in PES – at least at the Professional level.
4. RE: EA Sports game menus — doesn’t matter what sport it is, they suck. Seriously features are so buried, good luck doing what you want.
5. I bought FIFA 12 for my son to play on Xbox, but I’m buying it for me to play on the PC.
6. I’m very curious to see the differences. Many were pissed about Tiger Woods PC just being the online game but with Augusta..for me, as someone who enjoys the online game I thought it was pretty cool. I don’t need the console experience in order to play on the PC…

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1 Response to Sunday Thoughts

  1. rpommier says:

    How is FIFA 12 on the PC? Resource intensive? I have a 3 year old PC and am really thinking of downloading it through Origin $40 is a lot cheaper than $60. But then again, I’ll never be able to trade it in.


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