Monday notes

– Good thing that the Brewers kept on winning this weekend, as it looks like they’ll need every one of those wins to hold of Arizona for the 2nd best record in the National League.

Also, I’m glad that St. Louis lost on Friday night as it would have been a nerve wracking weekend if they kept playing like they have the last few days.

It’s nice to see two races going down to the wire, as Boston is trying to hold off Tampa Bay (and avoid one of the biggest collapses of all time) and Atlanta is struggling to fend off St. Louis (and avoid probably the 2nd or third biggest collapse.)

Should be a fun last three days.

– The Packers/Bears game yesterday was pretty interesting at the end, due to the fact that absolutely no one had any idea where that last punt went… except for the millions of people watching on TV that saw the ball headed for the left sideline.

Still not sure about the holding call that was made as the linesman that made the call was right next to Knox, but he obviously saw something that looked wrong. It would have made for a more interesting finish with an onside kick and such… but it ended up being just a plain old 10 point win.

The Packers do have some secondary issues to work on, and who would have thought that Jarius Wynn would be the guy to pick up the slack when Clay Mathews Jr gets double teamed.

3-0, is 3-0 though.  I’d like to see how they look against Detroit… but the first matchup between the two of them is… on Thanksgiving.  Man… that’s a long time to wait.   I’m also anxious to watch them play the Vikings, who I’m sure will jump out to a 30-0 lead and then lose it in OT, 36-33.  Mwahaha.

– In gaming, I should have a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 to play in the next few days and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Over the past few years, I’ve liked the “feel” of PES more than FIFA and I’m really anxious to see how the teammate control scheme works out.

– I’ve got FIFA 12 in my rental queue, so I’ll give that a look this week if it ships from Gamefly.

– Also, the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus collection comes out tomorrow.. and I’m downright giddy to get a chance to play that.

– Oh, and the NBA 2K12 conference call is taking place later today.  I hope to have a chance to record and post it.  We’ll see how the timing works out on that though.

– In fantasy football news, I somehow managed to pull out a win again yesterday… this time with Andy Dalton as my starting QB.  The same Andy Dalton that scored 2.78 points yesterday, Andy Dalton.   Funny how a great running game can help.

That’ll leave Dan and myself as the last two undefeated teams in the league.   I’m sure you’ll never hear the end of this from Dan.

– Lastly, Howie Shack has dominated the competition in the Sports Gamer Blog Fantasy Baseball league.

I still have no idea how the damn league works, so it’s pretty easy to see how I finished in 2nd to last place.  Ugh.

Congrats to Howie for dominating the league though.  I’ll be contacting him soon to let him pick out his prize.

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1 Response to Monday notes

  1. msbonik says:

    I will say that a 4×4 scoring system for fantasy baseball is not as fun in my opinion as a 5×5 that also scores BB for batting and SO for pitchers. That could just be me whining though since I’m in 6th place I think.


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