Tuesday notes

– I love Amazon day and date delivery.  Last night at 11:00, I got an email saying that Ico and SoTC will be at my house today.  Such a comforting feeling.

– Ooops, I was wrong on the date for the NBA2K12 conference call.  It’s tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll be attempting to record it and post it.

– In a nice surprise, I got Brewers playoff tickets again.  Definitely a nice feeling to know that I’ll be at either Game 1 or Game 3 depending on how things go over the next few days.  I’d like to see the Brewers have home field as they definitely play better there, but my wife can’t go to the game if it’s on Saturday… tough decisions.

Still, just happy to be able to go to a game.

– Spent some time with a new baseball title last night… and I want to play a bit more of it before I share my thoughts with you all.  It’s been an interesting experience thus far.

– Looks like Dan and I are the top two teams in the fantasy league… can’t complain about that.  I desperately need a QB at this point though.  If anyone has a trade offer, I’ll consider it.

– Have a great day

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