Friday notes

– So, I’m pretty excited about this weekend as a Wisconsin sports fan.  I get to be at Game 1 of the NLDS as the Brewers take on the Diamondbacks at 1:00, then I have to rush back after the game so that I can be in Madison to watch the Badgers take on Nebraska in the Cornhuskers first ever Big 10 game.   Should be a hell of a lot of fun.

Then on Sunday I will have to have 2 TV’s next to one another so that I can watch the Brewers play in game 2, and the Packers play the Broncos.   Can’t wait for Saturday to begin.

– Last night I watched an ESPN movie called ‘Catching Hell’ about the story of what happened to Steve Bartman.   I’d have to say that the most embarrassing part of the film has to be the fan, that they were able to come on camera and be interviewed for the documentary, admitting that he tried to challenge Bartman to a fight in the stands.  Even after 7 years that asshole had no sense of remorse for his actions and was just chuckling about the fact that he wanted to hurt someone who tried to catch a foul ball.

Watching a sporting event can be so magical at times and it can be so hard to look at some of these moments and see how terrible some people can be in times like that.

As the writer and producer of the film was a Red Sox fan, they spent a good deal of time contrasting this event with Bill Buckner’s play in the 1986 World Series and the thing that really should be driven home to people who won’t let those specific plays go is the fact that those individual plays didn’t really cost their teams the game.   Stanley’s wild pitch allowed the Mets to tie the game.  The error by Gonzalez should have led to an inning ending double play in the 8th for the Cubs.

Thankfully, Buckner has finally made his peace with what happened on that day.  Hopefully Bartman’s play will fade from memory someday as well.

– Howie picked Dirt 3 for the Xbox 360 as his game for winning the baseball league.   It never hurts to enter a Fantasy league where Dan, Craig, and myself are competing against you…

Congrats again, Howie.

– Oh, and if you’re thinking of purchasing one of the new Kindle’s, remember you can buy it using our Amazon search box (on IE… darn thing doesn’t work on Chrome) or via this link and we get a shiny penny.  I’m collecting them so that I can get a sock full to beat up Dan with.

– That’ll do it for me.  I’ve had a crazy week at work, and will be pretty busy all weekend.  Have a great weekend everyone.


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