Thursday notes

– Very important note!   Beavis and Butthead returns to TV this evening.  Set those DVR’s.

– Yesterday was a fun day as I spent 6 hours with my wife in various Urgent Care and Emergency Room areas while they tried to treat her migraine that she was dealing with.

Really wish they could figure out the cause of things like that.  Seeing the look on my wife’s face, I wouldn’t wish those on anyone.

– Here’s another weekly update to take a look at the demo for Fairway: Collector’s Edition over at Big Fish Games.    Seriously, if you don’t have this game by now… I just don’t know what to think.  Unless you’re waiting for the mobile versions, which would be totally understandable, as I can’t wait for a version of the game on my Android tablet.

– In just a bit, I’ll be posting my impressions of Kinect Sports: Season 2.   I’m sure that’s something you’ve all been looking forward to.  heh.

– Have a great day

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