Friday notes

– Not ashamed to admit it, I played Batman: Arkham City for 3 1/2 hours last night.  I really have to give the Rocksteady people credit as they have made an incredibly enjoyable game that I keep getting sucked into each and every night.   According to the game meter, I’m 40% done, but I have no idea if that’s tracking all of the subquests and Riddler trophies.  I know that I’ve finished off a few side-boss missions and have completed those story lines, but I really hope that there will be plenty more in store… although, based on the story, I have my concerns about how much is remaining.

Having said that, still enjoying the ride.

– As we get closer to the release of the Playstation 24″ 3D tv, I’ve been debating upgrading my PC monitor at home with a 3D monitor that I could use for PC gaming as well as for my PS3.

Earlier today I got an email about how I could get this Asus 27″ monitor for $539… and I’ve just been fighting the urge to pick it up all day.

Has anyone spent any time with 3D gaming on the PC or PS3 side that can speak to the quality or how much they enjoy it?

It’s tough to think of giving up a 40″ screen for PS3 gaming, but it could be great to play some of the PS3 games in 3D.   As well as having a 3D monitor that my girls could watch some Disney movies on as well.


– Don’t know how many got a chance to see it last night, but I thought that the first two Beavis and Butthead episodes last night were pretty entertaining.  Of course, I was watching them at 1:00 a.m., so my need for sleep might have clouded my judgement a bit.

– Trying to put together a podcast tonight, so stay tuned for that.

– Have a great evening and weekend.

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