Saturday Thoughts

Been away from the PC for a while. May I recommend that you never have one of your job site locations go on fire.
Anyway, moving on to games — I think Kinect Sports two is mindless fun. Glen is kind of mean about this one.
Really sad to see the Rangers lose. Not that St. Louis wasn’t deserving, but after the game 6 loss, there was no way they were coming back for Game 7. It felt like a Buckner event all over again (speaking of Buckner, how about his appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm? )
You know the last time a road team won a game 7? I remember it way too much, it was PIT vs BAL @ BAL. I still hate that F’n Sister Sledge song We Are Family.
Anyway, moving on , haven’t been able to do much gaming so I’ll just watch some sports on TV. LOL.

PS. 12″ of snow in October sucks.

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1 Response to Saturday Thoughts

  1. Koleslaw says:

    On a whim, I called into a radio show last night and compared it to Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS Cubs/Marlins (aka the Bartman game.) After Chicago’s huge eight-run collapse, I don’t think there was a person left on the planet that thought Chicago could win Game 7.

    In other news, I thought for sure I was going to win last week when DeMarco Murray put up 31 points. Oh well. I haven’t had the best of luck in this league this year (including one week where I forgot to set my lineup and started a QB on a bye… ewpz.) Luckily for me, I’ve had the exact opposite of luck in my other league where I’m the only 7-0. This week I’ve got a tough matchup so I might go down. Let’s hope Brady only scores like 10 FPs 😀


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