Monday notes

– Finished up Batman: Arkham City on Friday night, but keep going back in order to finish up a few of the missions that I didn’t complete.  I’ve debated going back and playing the New Game Plus mode, but I just don’t know if I have it in me right now.

Also, this is definitely a spoiler, but it’s most definitely the creepiest part of the game.  Don’t click on the link if you want to keep an event of the game a secret.

– Amazing what 8 days will do.  The Badgers went into the Michigan State game looking like a national championship contender and left the Ohio State game looking like a team that won’t be playing in a January bowl game.

What goes without saying is that if this team didn’t have Russell Wilson, they would probably be a 4 or 5 win team at this point.  He has single handedly kept the team in the last two games, orchestrating some amazing drives to put the team in a position to get to overtime or win the game, but has been let down by bad coaching and poorly played defense.   Oh, and don’t forget about the special teams unit that has had 2 punts and a field goal attempt blocked in the last 2 games.  Ugly stuff.

At least we still have the Packers to talk about up here.

– Thank you, Gamefly.  Lord of the Rings: War in the North and Uncharted 3 are on their way and should be here on Wednesday.

I know at least one other person who’s going to be playing the PS3 version with me, so if anyone else gets that version let me know and we’ll get some co-op gaming going with that version.

– That’ll do it for today.  Have a great week.

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