Monday notes

– If you still own a Wii, please, stop what you’re doing and go out and pick up Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Does the game have a minor issues?  Yes, the Motion Plus support is a bit off from time to time (but can be reset quickly.)  Outside of that, the game is absolutely terrific and is a tremendous amount of fun to play.

Also, it’s a game that your kids can sit and watch without having to explain why daddy is cutting a bloody swath though a battlefield.  My youngest daughter sat next to me yesterday and laughed hysterically every time Link fell down or hurt himself due to my actions, and that’s something that most games don’t give me now.

They have also made the game a bit simpler due to the fact that there are save points inside of dungeons now (blasphemy to most hardcore Nintendo fans,) but they do make it easier to step away from the game from time to time rather than forcing you to finish a dungeon/temple once you start it.

I highly recommend the game.

– So, along with Zelda, I had one of my more fun gaming weekends in memory as I was able to power through a decent amount of side quests in Skyrim and play through a good number of levels in Super Mario 3D Land.

In Skyrim, I have barely touched on the actual story of the game, spending more time solving little issues that various local towns have had and delved into mines to work on my smithing skill.

I wouldn’t have thought that I could possibly like a crafting portion of a game, but I find myself going into mines, so I can acquire ore, then smelting it, and making new jewelry and weapons, so that I can continue to enhance my own weaponry.  It’s time consuming and pointless, and strangely fun all at the same time.

– Mario 3D Land?  It’s just one of the best platformers that I’ve played in memory.  Some of the ‘big coins’ are a pain in the ass to obtain, and some of them are hidden in ways that just seem nearly impossible to access, but the game is fun in a way that I just don’t see much anymore.

Frustrating at times, but an absolute blast to play.

– Oh, and NBA2K12 has come out for the iPad.   Since I don’t have one of those tablets, Dan will be taking a look at the game and posting some of his thoughts in the near future.

– One of the funny things to witness when a team is playing very well, as the Packers are, is how people seem to want to find fault in every victory.  Hardly any of the fans around the area want to seem to enjoy the fact that the team is 10-0, all they want to do is discuss how close they have come to almost losing games.

Sure, there are things that the team needs to improve on, but enough with the negativity.  Enjoy the run while it lasts…

– Lastly, I watched ‘Beats, Rhymes, and Life’ on Friday.  The documentary covers the history and issues that ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ has gone through in the last few years.

ATCQ is one of my all-time favorite groups and it was sad to see all of the issues that they went through as the group broke up.  I can only hope that they’re able to get back together for a U.S. tour again at some point in the near future, as they are on top of my list of groups that I want to see live.

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