Wednesday notes

– Is it just me or does it feel like Friday?  That feeling is going to suck because I actually have to work on Friday, so it’ll be like there are two Friday’s this week… and I’ll only be able to get drunk for one of them.  (kidding.)

– Last night I finished up the 1st part of Super Mario 3D Land with 104 free guys in the bank.   Judging by the first of the special worlds that you gain access to after beating the game, I’ll be needing more than a few of them.

One other thing about SM3L (man, that’s an ugly acronym,) the 3D effects on the final level of world 8 are terrific.  The fireballs seem to be coming right through the screen at you, and it makes for an incredible effect.

– With all of the Black Friday deals coming up this week, I figured it was worth mentioning that there just isn’t much that I want to grab this year.  Usually there are some terrific game prices, but outside of Yakuza 4 for $10 and Dance Central 2 for $15 (both at Walmart,) I’m really not seeing much.

Any of you notice anything worth grabbing?

– So, the Stanford coach is upset about his teams ranking in the BCS.  Isn’t this a yearly event? There is a terrible system to pick the national champion and this year it looks like it will be picked between three teams in the same conference… and the same division.    Woo!   I’m sure that no other team in the country could beat the winner of the SEC West.  Glad that’s resolved.

– Don’t forget to set those fantasy lineups tonight or tomorrow morning as we have plenty of Thanksgiving games to account for.

Every team still has a shot at the playoffs with 2 games to go, and Dan is in first place in the power rankings.  Everyone should want to see him lose, right?

– Packers/Lions tomorrow.  Should be a lot of fun.  Rodgers plays very well in dome games and there is all this talk of how the Packers lost the 11th game of the season in 1962 against the Lions on Thanksgiving day.

I’ll just think that won’t be happening.

– Have a great Thanksgiving all.  Enjoy the day.

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