Black Friday notes

– Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

As for me, I spent it at my parents house watching the Packers/Lions game, going for a run, then having dinner.

– First things first, the Packers/Lions game.  People keep saying that Suh is a very smart man, but I just don’t see it.   So, he pushes a guys helmet into the ground 3 times, the gets up and stomps on his arm, then goes to his press conference after the game and apologizes to the fans, but not the guy he kicked?  Then he tells us that we all saw it wrong.  He was being held on the ground and had to get out of the situation?

I respect the guys ability and talent, but man… someone has to get a hold of him there and make him actually be accountable for his actions, because he’s just not going to figure this out on his own.

Anywho, the Packers go to 11-0 and have until next Sunday to get ready for the Giants in New York.  Should be a good test for Green Bay.

– One other thing on the Packer game, I have no idea when it happened, but my mom is a crazy football fan now.  She yells at the tv and gets so upset at certain calls that she has to leave the room.  The woman was never like this when I was growing up, in fact she never even watched sports back then.  It’s funny when you have to settle your mom down because she’s getting too worked up about a penalty call in the 1st quarter.

– Sweet Zombie Jesus can an email program come with a pop up that notifies family members that they’re sending out 5 to 25 mb of photos via email?  I have unlimited bandwidth and all that, but good lord… look at the size of the file before you send it.

– So, my big purchase for the Black Friday season is this…

Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar

I have never played guitar before and am about to start the learning process with Rocksmith and through the help of some friends.

Being a drum guy (sort of,) I’ve always been interested in giving the guitar a shot.  I can’t wait for it to arrive and start making horrible, horrible noises with it.

– Just started season 3 of Dr. Who and I have to say that I really like Martha already.  She’s just the right kind of sassy to be with the Doctor.

– Can’t wait for the UW/Penn State game tomorrow.  I had tickets offered to me, but couldn’t go… bummer.  Still, I’m sure the crowd will be crazy tomorrow since a win for the Badgers sends them to the Big Ten championship game next weekend.

– Have a great weekend!

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