Monday notes

– Please, please, stop telling us that you need to retire to spend more time with your family, then come back one year later to a much bigger contract.

If you don’t want to work at that place any more, just say you felt that it was time to move on.  I’m so damn tired of hearing these guys lie all the time about putting their families above their jobs, when it’s quite clear that their families are clearly playing second fiddle to the job they are trying to attain.

Urban Meyer may be the nicest guy in the world, and I’m sure he’ll do incredibly well at Ohio State, but I just hate crap like this.

– Speaking of Big 10 football, with the divisions shaking out as they did, I think this game has to be the one rematch that people would like to see most this year for deciding who will go to the Rose Bowl.

Couldn’t ask for a better game to end the year in the Big 10.

– Big college basketball game coming up this week for Wisconsin as well, as they travel to North Carolina as part of the Big Ten/ACC shootout matchup thing.

The Badgers played well against BYU the other day, but I’m worried about a team that relies on outside shooting as much as they do.  If they have a day where they don’t shoot well from the arc, they will lose ugly.   I have a sneaking suspicion that will be the case on Wednesday.  Just a feeling.

– In gaming, I’m still powering through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  My daughters sat by me on Sunday for an hour while I struggled with a puzzle in one of the dungeons in the game.  You know you love your kids when they say something like, “Daddy, why are you here again?  Can’t you figure it out?”

All you can do is breathe deeply and ask them to walk away…. heh.

– Speaking of other humorous kids moments, my eldest daughter woke me up on Sunday holding a clump of hair in her hand.   She informed me that our 4 year old decided to start cutting her own hair.

When I asked our youngest about this, she informed me that her hair was getting in her eyes and she wanted to fix it.

The sad part was that she actually did a really good job.  She wet her hair down and had cut a straight line across her bangs.  When my wife got home she did a bit of touch up to finish it.

It’s so hard to punish your kids for something when they actually do a good job.

– Speaking of dealing with children, Dan was complaining to me about the scoring system in the fantasy football league again…

For a guy in 1st place in the league, he sure complains about his team quite a bit.

– Lastly, the NBA is coming back.  Um, yeah.

– Have a good Monday

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