PartingShot Pro Tip: Farewell GamePro

As most have heard, IDG has announced GamePro will cease publication with the first and last issue of GamePro Quarterly. The site will be assimilated into PC World and will no longer exist.

I actually picked up the premier issue at a Toys R Us in 1989 when I purchased an Atari 7800 game. It was definitely NOT Electronic Games magazine, but it was still nice to see something about the game industry.

I wasn’t a fan of the game but happy the genre was being supported. I really hated the Pseudonymns used. Scary Larry? Come on…

Anyway, aside from the “Official (Console) Magazine” and/or “Nintendo Power” I don’t think there’s much left. The one thing that’s a “fun fact” about GamePro is that it was originally published by IDG Peterborough NH…which is kind of odd for a California based crew, don’t you think.

I’d write more but as a NH resident, I am busy answering my phone. You see, today alone I have had 5 phone surveys. I like saying stuff like “I’m voting for Herman Cain because he has so many ladies you know he’s well endowed and he’d be a great leader” to the idiots on the other side of the phone. I know you are just doing your job, and I’m just doing mine since you’re annoying me.

Needless to say, it is not a good time to be a freelance writer. So many writers, so little opportunities.

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