Saturday notes

– Congrats to UW: Whitewater as they won their 3rd consecutive Division III football title over Mount Union last night.  Crazy to think that the football program there has gone so far since I was there in the early 90’s but there you have it.

– I’ll be posting my interview with EA’s NFL Blitz developers on Monday morning.  Hope you’ll enjoy hearing what they have to say.  (I had a pretty bad cold, so I hope that my voice is strong enough throughout the interview.)

– Dan is right about the Ambassador program for the 3DS being great.  The 10 games that they gave out to the early adopters are terrific titles.  Funny thing is that I have almost all of them sitting down in game storage area.  Oh, well.  Not all that likely to bring out the GBA SP again to play them.  Although… the GB player for the Gamecube…. hmm….

– I was supposed to receive my new Galaxy Nexus phone yesterday… but for some reason Fedex didn’t deliver.  It’s going to be tough using my Blackberry Torch for a few more days until I get that Ice Cream Sandwich phone goodness.

– Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Saturday notes

  1. CardinalsFan says:

    Looking forward to your Blitz interview. Hope this means EA has you out of their doghouse and will give you more access to their games.


  2. Glen says:

    We’ll see about EA access in the future. I’ve always had good luck with this PR person putting me with good people.

    I think that the game sounds like it has some real promise and the guys behind it seemed to really care about the features in it.

    Time will tell.


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