Wednesday Thoughts

1. Wow, I didn’t realize how good of a game NBA2K is for the PC. Best $9.99 I’ve spent — and I don’t even like Basketball!

2. I’m one of the three people left on earth stuck with a BlackBerry (thanks corporate IT policy). It’s a CDMA phone but it does have unlimited (but monitored) data. I was excited to see Spotify released for Blackberries…but not CDMA phones. Crap. Of course I’m sure Spotify is programming for this phone like EA programs for Commodore Amigas.

3. I’m still bitter over my fantasy loss. Playing in the “3rd place game” is about as exciting as not making the playoffs at all. Of all the games Gronk becomes a non-factor, it had to be this one. Grrr.

4. Not a bad interview by Glen about Blitz. I’m looking forward to this one.

5. Pretty much every game is $0.99 for the iPad by EA this week. Hello, FIFA 12 and Madden. It’s $0.99!

6. If you have PlayOn, you should get PlayLater. Very cool idea.

7. Anyone out there have a Kindle Fire? Does the upgrade help? I have an iPad but with all my Amazon “crap” I keep thinking maybe I should get this. Yes, that is not healthy at all.



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