Thursday notes

Haven’t heard of this, but can’t say it’s surprising.  EA was once considering bringing Madden back to the PC… in a way.

Sadly, those parts were moved into other Madden properties and we’re stuck with the console only version of Madden that we have today.

Of course, I’ve never messed with the Facebook Madden NFL Superstars.  Still, I long for the olden days where you could actually update and mod a PC version of a game.

– It’s not very often that I see an app that really looks like it has a ton of very cool applications, but ‘Are You Watching This?!‘ seems like a real winner.

I’ve been debating getting a GoogleTV unit for my Dish Network receiver and this looks like a great reason to pick it up.

Changing channels to watch other sporting events right from my phone or tablet?  Giddyup.

– Other than that, I’ve been working (and fixing the last laptop that I will EVER fix for anyone) and catching up on TV stuff.

I’m in the midst of season 3 of Doctor Who and just started watching Archer again (now that I know that season 3 starts in less than a month.)

– Lastly, I was looking at some information about the Humble Bundle and found that I have Steam Keys available for Humble Bundle 2 and 3.  If anyone would like them, just let me know.  Consider it a holiday present from me.

– Have a great day.

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1 Response to Thursday notes

  1. wco81 says:

    They still make PC versions of FIFA. I think the PS2 and PS3/360 versions of Madden came out of the experience they had developing PC versions, where they had access to the latest GPUs.

    There are rumors that early dev kits for next generation are just high-end PCs using graphics cards anyone can buy now.


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