Tuesday notes

– Hope that everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday season.

Nothing too eventful happened on my end, just played some open hockey and spent time with the family.

No real gifts to speak of either as my wife and I have completely bailed on the concept of buying each other gifts.  I prefer to just get stuff for the kids and let them have their fun.

– Congratulations to Howie’s Bleacher Bums who won the 2011 SportsGamerBlog Fantasy Football championship.

I’ll be contacting Howie today to determine what game he wants as a prize for winning.

– As far as gaming goes, I spent a good deal of the holiday weekend working through Steam Achievements for their holiday sale.

One of the items that I won was a 50% off Bethesda software coupon and was able to trade that for a few games.

Between the Steam deals and Amazon’s daily download deals, it’s been a fun holiday season for picking up more games that I’m not all that likely to play soon.  heh.

– The Packers got back on track with a nice win over the Bears on Christmas night.

Thankfully that stopped people from talking about how everyone has an answer to how to beat the Packers.

There are some very good teams that will have to come to Lambeau in the playoffs this year, and every one of them should be a fun game to watch.  I think the Packers can beat all of them, but you never know if they’ll have another bad game like the K.C. one.  Hopefully the bye week will give them that extra time to get Clifton, Jennings, and Pickett back for the run to the Super Bowl.

– Lastly, post your 3DS friend codes if you have them.  Dan is the only person I have on my friends list on there and it’s depressing to see that one person on there, especially when it’s Dan.

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