Friday notes

– It’s probably easy to determine that you’re a child of the 80’s when the first songs that you think of for an exercise or workout tape are these two….

You’re the best

Hearts on Fire

– You really missed out if you didn’t watch any of the Baylor/Washington game last night.  What was funny was the fact that RG3 wasn’t even the best QB on the field last night, that honor belonged to Washington QB Keith Price who threw for 4 TD’s and ran for 3 more.

Typically I have no interest in watching bowl games (well, ones that don’t involve Wisconsin) but for some reason I tuned in to this one and when it was all said and done, I was very glad that I did.

If you have ESPN 3 and can go back and watch the game, I recommend you do so.  It’s a great exhibition of offense and how not to tackle.

– Speaking of ESPN, they have brought out the fancy new toys for the bowl season, starting with EA Sports Game View, which uses a modified version of NCAA Football on a 70″ touchscreen LCD to allow them to move players around on a virtual field.

No word if the linebackers still jump 5 feet into the air to knock down passes yet.

Thanks to Richard Lawler, loyal blog reader, for that news tidbit.

– Oh, and a reminder, UFC 141 is on Xbox Live tonight and should be free to all Live users.

– Lastly, I’m still working on a games of the year post.  Hope to have that to you tomorrow.

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