Monday notes

– Watched about 15 total minutes of the two championship games yesterday.  Once your team is out of it, you just get burnt out on football… at least that’s my opinion.

Two things that bother me about both games.  Why wasn’t Evans non-catch reviewed with 22 seconds to go?  I don’t think that it would have been reversed, but it was pretty damn close to having two feet down with possession before being knocked out.   This one reminded me a lot of that catch and maybe because it was called a TD on the field, it made all the difference.  Still, with the NFL so obsessed about getting calls right, that one should have been reviewed considering the situation.

The second thing is morons threatening to kill people when they make mistakes in games.  For the love of crumb cake, people…. it’s a game that you watch for entertainment.  Dumbasses.

So, we get a Superbowl that I will have absolutely no problem missing (due to the fact that I play hockey at the time that the game goes on.)   I know that other people here will have different opinions on that matter though.

– Outside of that, I went ice fishing this weekend and had a good deal of fun with that, catching 5 Northern Pike and putting them all back into the water due to being too small to keep.

It’s something that I do with friends once a year and it’s always a lot of fun.   If people can’t understand the beauty of a sunrise like this one, I’ll never understand them anyway.

– Have a great week.

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