Friday Thoughts

1. Prince Fielder is not an Oriole. Not shocking.

2. Not sure what Glen is talking about re: The Show and Franchise mode, if anything I am more pumped for this game than I have been for a baseball game in some time….Of course I’m also buying a Vita.

3. Speaking of Vita, leave it to Sony to make you excited about about getting the console a week early and then f’ing said early adopters by giving the people who buy it a week later an 8GB card  for FREE even though we’re paying for ours. Awesome, I feel so much better about being an early adopter. They can at least throw us a Spiderman movie download (PSP reference there heh).

4. The whole MS used games thing — you know I see some articles about the comparison to Apple and how digital downloads are cheap and great. You know what is also great about digital downloads on the Apple devices? I can use my Apple ID login on my kids ipod, my other kid iPhone, my iPad, my wife’s iPhone and they can all play the games and I don’t have to buy it 5 times. Unlike say Microsoft’s policy on DLC. I have to spend $10 for my kid to play Madden online because we share the game but I’ve used the code. Stupid.

5. Boy you’d think with the Patriots in the Super Bowl there’s be some coverage of it on Boston stations (heh). That’s sarcasm, btw.


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