Tuesday night notes

– More crazy times at work preventing me from posting as much as I would like, but it’s probably as much as you all want.  heh.  Moving on…

– Nice to see that SSX’s online pass connection doesn’t actually remove any sort of content from the game, but limits you from some of the online rewards.  It’s amazing to see how many different ways that EA is approaching the online pass component lately with titles.  It’s almost as though they are throwing darts at a board to see what seems to cause the least amount of terrible press for them.  Or perhaps they don’t really care at all and just want to ensure that every game has their $10 used game sales kicker.  I could go either way with that.

– Last night I had a chance to attend my first ever cooking class, spending the evening learning how to make hollandaise, espagnole, bechamel, tomato, and veloute sauces.

When I was growing up, my mother never really exposed us to too many different kinds of foods, so it has been really up to me as I get older to finally take chances and try new things and I’m always disappointed whenever I get to try something new and realize how many great foods that I’ve missed over the years just due to the fact that I wasn’t up to trying something new.

Hopefully classes like this will continue to allow me to try and bring new foods into our home and stop my daughters from only eating chicken nuggets and fries… perhaps.

– Lastly, through the wonders of You Tube, I’ve been watching a ton of old Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist episodes.  Man, great comedy never gets old.  Hearing some of the great stand up bits from Ray Romano, Dave Attell, and one of my all time favorite segments with Dave Chappelle.

I really wish that the DVD set wasn’t $70+ on Amazon, because… damn… there are some really funny bits on there.

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2 Responses to Tuesday night notes

  1. madtowner11 says:

    A Demo for Twisted Metal for the PS3 came out yesterday. Can you use your extreme power and influence in the gaming community to get the designers of Twisted Metal to get their heads out of their butts when it comes to steering a car while driving in reverse? In real life, and in every video game I’ve ever played where you can drive a car, when you turn the steering wheel to the left the front of the car swings to the right (and vice versa, duh). But NO NO NO. Not in Twisted Metal. For some reason they think that when you’re driving in reverse and you steer to the left, the car should do the opposite of what it does in real life and every car video game ever. I guess everyone else has done it incorrectly all these years.


  2. madtowner11 says:

    The reason it’s a big deal is because this is a car combat game where you’re cruising around freely, running into buildings, firing missiles at oncoming opponents, etc., and driving in reverse is a much more common function than it would be in a game like Need For Speed or something. Even then, Need For Speed got it right. Because it’s not friggin’ rocket science. It’s not even automobile science.


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