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I cannot believe the Patriots won that game. I really thought Baltimore had that TD at the end. And to miss that FG. Holy crap. What a game.

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Year End Awards

Well, it’s late January and I just realized, I hadn’t posted my best sports games of 2012. This is Dan’s list and Dan’s only. Football:  All two games were broken and boring. If I’m forced to pick, I guess Madden, … Continue reading

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I do want the Patriots to win…but..if it doesn’t go our way…the thought of the Baltimore Ravens playing the Super Bowl in Indianapolis is one of the ultimate F-yous to the Irsays…that would be a pretty great “so glad you … Continue reading

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Thursday night notes

– Funny that Dan mentioned the Zombies in NFL Blitz.  I was pretty sure that we spoke of them in the interview.  To me it didn’t seem like any connection to Mutant League Football.  It just seemed as if they … Continue reading

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If this is true, it would be awesome

The Kotaku resident Sports Guy, Owen Good, has found zombies in NFL Blitz and wonders if this is a precursor to a new Mutant League Football game. Please, please please do that. Mutant League Hockey and Mutant League Football are … Continue reading

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Tuesday night notes

– Got a chance to use Google Wallet with my new Galaxy Nexus phone today.  Google had a deal where you got $10 free when you signed up for the service, so it couldn’t hurt to try it out. Couldn’t … Continue reading

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Sometimes your team just has an absolutely horrible day.

So many drops. So many fumbles.  Just not their day.  Still lots of good memories of the year. Just a terrible ending.

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