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Grand Slam Tennis 2 impressions

Well, after playing a considerable amount of Grand Slam Tennis 2, there is one thing that is very clear… EA Sports want you to excel right off the bat. What strikes me as odd is that the gameplay is so … Continue reading

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See Friend of the Blog Joe DiSano on CNN

For those that missed it, friend of the blog Joe DiSano was on CNN tonight speaking about Democrats who should vote Santorum. Whether or not you agree, it’s cool that a blog reader is on CNN, so I’m giving him … Continue reading

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Thursday Deep Thoughts

As a commenter mentioned — Grand Slam Tennis is not the pile of awesome it seemed to be — instead it is a typical pile of crap and it is pretty obvious no one reviewed this one in-depth before writing … Continue reading

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Braun wins appeal

Gotta say that I didn’t see that coming.  More later. 

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Fairway Solitaire now available for iPad, iPhone

While checking the new apps, I saw that Fairway Solitaire is now available for iPads and iPhones…for $2.99. The free version gives you a demo like experience — then it is an in-app purchase. Well worth it. The game has … Continue reading

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MLB @ Bat free this year to Subscribers has announced their 2012 MLB.TV package. Current subscribers save $5 off the annual price. (Hey it’s something). Also new this year: tablet/iphone subscribers no longer need to pay for the @Bat app on iPads and iPhones, saving you about … Continue reading

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Grand Slam 2: Why isn’t anyone talking about it?

I was so busy picking up my Vita and playing it I forgot to mention earlier this week Grand Slam Tennis 2 arrived via Gamefly. The original game, released for the Wii, was one of the first really technical implementations … Continue reading

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