Thursday Deep Thoughts

As a commenter mentioned — Grand Slam Tennis is not the pile of awesome it seemed to be — instead it is a typical pile of crap and it is pretty obvious no one reviewed this one in-depth before writing it up. I had the exact same experience that our readers did – easy to win early — even championships and Grand Slam events — and then the difficulty ramps up you can’t win anything. I like the idea of a difficulty curve, but winning Wimbledon should be a career pinnacle, not something you do in the first year.

On the other hand, may I interest you in Virtua Tennis for PSVita? Now that is a game I like…the Vita is an interesting piece of hardware. Games just look so good, and if you have a PSN Visa Card, with 10x points for downloads, it makes a $39 purchase look like a $399 purchase in points, so rewards are adding up. The battery life is worse in my use than a 3DS…just a heads up. I’m at about 3.75 hours with gameplay and 3G on..blech.

Fairway Solitaire on iPad/iPhone is taking up my life right now. In addition the new Midway Arcade app and the Pinball apps are also keeping me busy. The WWE Wrestlefest is a cute idea but not a whole lot of fun.

Gee, you’ll have to excuse Glen. He was too busy pleasuring himself to write about Braun’s suspension being overturned. MLB can yap all it wants, but no one has had a decision overturned on appeal, and there have been quite a few appeals, so one thinks there may in fact be reasonable doubt about this one. It is also nice that an MVP was exonerated. I’m also guessing that MLB will never have Shyam Das as an arbitrator again. That’s what’s so stupid about arbitration¬† — it happens in many cases all the time. If the company loses, then they change arbitrators.



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  1. wco81 says:

    You’re playing Virtua Tennis over 3G on the Vita or you have 3G on for other services (like uploading scores and trophies)?

    I’d be surprised if 3G has low enough latency for smooth online play over 3G.


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