Sunday night notes

– Before I get into sports, I have to get something off my chest… and that is regarding Mass Effect 3.

– Mass Effect 3 is a complete turd, in my opinion.   To IGN’isize the review of the game, “If you love Gears of War and want that to be how you finish Mass Effect, then you will love Mass Effect 3.”

I spent 4 hours on the game and couldn’t have hated the game more.  The original Mass Effect was a terrific RPG, presented to a console crowd.

Mass Effect 3, on the other hand, is complete mess that tries certain RPG elements but just ends up being a poor 3rd person shooter.

Over the past few days, I’ve read about the disappointment of how the ending of the game is handled… but what is funny to me is the fact that, in my opinion,  the whole of the game is terrible.

Spoiler alert:

Within the first few minutes of the game, you see that Earth is about to be destroyed by an alien race… so what do you do when you escape this moment?  You skip around the galaxy trying to find people to help you go back to fight the battle on earth.  The problem is, there is no real time pressure.  While you’re out looking to find allies, you have the chance to scan alien solar systems for resources to benefit your ship.  To hell with the idiots back on Earth… I have to search planets to see if they have gas that I can use to refill my ship.

It irritates the hell out of me that there is absolutely no sense of urgency placed on you, especially because of the fact that your home world is about to be ravaged and destroyed by an alien race.

What kills me is that I spend 40 to 50 hours playing through the first 2 games and have absolutely no interest in seeing how the series finishes.  Usually I would think of myself as being “pot-committed” at that point and would try to stick it out, but after 4 hours in the game… bah.  I have other things to spend my time on.

– Here’s a funny notion.  Dan, who subscribes to the season pass for EA can talk about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13… but I, who got a reviewable copy… cannot because of an embargo.  Crazy, huh?

– As far as the Blog Bracket standings go, there are quite a few guys with a good chance to win it.  Last year it was pretty much down to 2 or 3 people at this point, but we have at least 5 or 6 guys with a legit shot of winning.  Thankfully, none of them are Howie… .I’m sick of sending him games…

– Still working on the iTunes issues with the podcast.  For some reason, they are not accepting the feed updates that are being put out by Feedburner any more…. even though the feed passes a validation test.

I’d love to just re-do the feed, but I have no idea if that will actually fix the issue.  Very frustrating…

– Have a great week everyone.


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3 Responses to Sunday night notes

  1. msbonik says:

    *shakes head sadly* Glen Glen Glen… Why you are off gathering friends instead of staying on Earth is explained later in the game. That exact question is answered. And basically it comes down to the Reapers wanting to harvest the advanced species, not kill them. So it would take years to harvest the 11ish billion people on Earth even at a million plus harvested plus tens of thousands killed a week. A few weeks ( I think that is what it felt like anyway) going around the galaxy to unite the races is agonizing to Sheppard, and other humans, but necessary. Though the ending is complete and utter bullshit. Absolute whale dung, and that is on the bottom of the ocean.


    • Glen says:

      So, you are saying to operate on blind faith on a story like that? That’s a tough sell to me.

      The thing I really hated though was the combat. It has lost all of its RPG style and that killed it for me.


  2. msbonik says:

    Meh. The story is what it is. I enjoyed the story/dialogue far more then the combat. Although charging/novaing was quite fun.


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