Tiger Woods Thoughts

On the day Tiger Woods wins his first major in 30 months, it’s apropos that I’ve been playing Tiger Woods 13 (?) on the Xbox 360 as part of EA’s Season Ticket program. For those that don’t know, the Season Ticket program, for a fee of $25 a year, gets you playing EA Sports games 3 days early. I have really enjoyed this feature, not to mention the discounts on Madden Ultimate Team and the bonuses you get on coins.

Anyway, I’ve been playing TW on my PC for a while. First it was the online game, then the TW game as a download, which is kinda also TW Online but with Augusta. I’m very comfortable and familiar with the PC version of the game.

What’s great about the 360 version is that you can also cross play various leaderboards and so forth with your PC character. How nice. What’s not great is Kinect. If you don’t want to use it, but you have Kinect plugged in, it still thinks to feel that your body motions are attempts at playing the game. It’s annoying. Unplugging the Kinect is even more annoying to play one game.

The game itself? Well the swing meter looks like it’s straight out of MLB2K12. You use the left stick for swing and you see the meter as a swing rather than as a horizontal meter, making it very difficult to figure how much of a swing you want to take. If you aren’t perfectly straight, you will muff the shot – and it’ll show you how bad your downswing was. Apparently I like to go diagonally a lot.

The game is very challenging, especially on the greens. Good luck hitting the right pace on those. 3-putts (or more) were the norm for me.

This is one of the first season ticket games that makes me think hmm, I was going to get this game, but I think I’ll pass and instead put the money into TW Online for another year…The Caddy is a nice touch, but he’s a moron.

In other news, has anyone here who has a PS Vita received their Super Stardust code yet? I got my dataconnect pass on 2/15 and they said 30 days…but here it is 40 days and still nothing…just curious. I emailed Sony support and got a “here click this link that has absolutely no information of relevance and I can mark the ticket as closed” response.


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