Wednesday Fun

1. Nice to see after a 3-0 start, the Orioles are now 3-2. Their new Taiwanese pitcher looked good but if you score most of your runs due to 5 (!) wild pitches, you aren’t going to win, even in 12 innings.

2. Please Pinball Arcade developers, fix the New iPad version of your game. It’s annoying. PS It does look great on Vita/PS3 however.

3. I can see why people love NBA2K12 so much. Basketball is not my sport of choice, but that game is fun.

4. Tiger Woods 13. I bought it because Glen kept telling me how fun it is. If you like playing as 7 year old Tiger Woods and re-enacting Tiger hitting balls into a net on the Mike Douglas Show, than this game is for you. Everyone else, stick with TW12 PC or TW Online. I have much more fun with those games. I can’t believe Glen suckered me into buying this turd.

5. Street Fighter x Tekken: If you like fighting games, you’ll love this. Especially with a Hori wireless arcade stick.

6. I went to TRU the other day and they had Skylanders up the wazoo. I bought as many as I could before they went out. Of course now my son has no interest in the game. But I still enjoy the 3DS version. And yes it is very expensive DLC, but it’s fun.


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