Sunday Thoughts

1. The Orioles are 5-4. Not bad. That’s good enough for first place, which is surprising. They are now 2-4 in the AL East. Not a good sign for the year, that’s for sure.

2. Getting back to MLB The Show, I thought I would revisit it this weekend. First off the simulview is great. The 3D effect is wonderful as well — just make sure to turn up the 3D effect (like a 3DS). I still completely suck at hitting the damn ball, however. I hate pulse pitching. I hate analog pitching. I like meter pitching …but it is very difficult. Oh well…still nicely done, but I have been playing MLB2K12 more.


3. I was playing the free-to-play Baseball game by Gamevil on my iPad. I’m not sure why, but I’ve spent way too much on the game in actual money. That’s the beauty of free to play. You’re in $15 without knowing.


4. Nice job EA, leveraging more money, by fans doing the cover vote for NCAA and Madden. Who would have thought to have a vote sponsorship. I’m sure this will help offset the cost of DLC or the game’s retail price. HAHAHA. Oh that’s funny.

5. Did you see that Game of Thrones parody on SNL last night? With the 13 year old trying to get in more sex? Seems like that is how it was done!


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