Things I’m Pondering While Listening to Debaser

1. The Orioles aren’t doing bad. Yes the best team they played was NYY and they were 0-3 to them but they gave them a hard time. Min is so bad, even the Orioles say they suck; they played Chicago well and Toronto also…they aren’t in the same class as Detroit but right now they could beat the Red Sox..then again, the Sox always start off cold. Should be an interesting 100th anniversary game tomorrow.

2. My favorite game right now: FIFA Street. I’m excited about the add on to FIFA 12 as well. Should be a lot of fun to play and actually I don’t mind the steep DLC price — it’s better than having to buy an entire game, and I know it’s going to be good.

3. Speaking of soccer, every Fox-owned non-news channel will have an English Premier League game on it on the final Sunday of the season. Every EPL game will be shown live on this Sunday (all but one game on Fox, the other on ESPN). This is incredibly cool. Yes the Michael Hierstands of the world will write about how soccer sux in USA Today and that the ratings are a paltry 0.4…but if no one is watching, why is Fox putting every game on? Probably because the Nielsen ratings are extremely outdated and who doesn’t like going into an English pub at 10AM on a Sunday morning and getting beer. Sounds awesome to me.

4. Nice to update Tiger Woods to allow you to face the damn screen. Why wasn’t this included in the original game? Stupid.


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2 Responses to Things I’m Pondering While Listening to Debaser

  1. msbonik says:

    Two thoughts on the Orioles; get rid of Reynolds, he is the most horrible player I’ve ever seen, and Andino will be a beast this year.


  2. msbonik says:

    Did you guys die? Where is the draft coverage, life updates, baseball complaints, etc. etc. ?


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