Monday night notes

– Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but this could possibly be the worst idea for a sports related video game ever.   Bouncing an actual basketball in your living room?  Oh, yeah.. that sounds like a brilliant idea.

– At home, we have had a psychotic bird attacking our house every single day for the last 3 days.   He takes a dump on our deck… then stands in it… then runs into our patio door over and over again smearing crap all over the house.  If it wasn’t so damn funny to see, I’d be more pissed about it.

Anyone else ever dealt with behavior like this before?

– As I mentioned on Saturday night, I ran in my first 8K race, finishing in a humbling 46:10.  What I realized after doing the race is that I really like the running part more than the biking and swimming parts that I’ve been doing in my triathlons.  Next up is a 10K later in the summer… the proceeding towards a half-marathon next year… I think.   I’m not doing it to win any contests… just want to enjoy the process of training for the runs and get the exercise.

– Also, while I was away, I finished up watching the Wire.  If there was ever a character in television as compelling and interesting as Omar, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.   A tremendous series from beginning to end, filled with wonderfully written and acted characters.  Everyone needs to watch that show at some point.  It’s just so, damn, good.

– Time to get back to watching more of the NHL playoffs….

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