So long, Xbox 360 Baseball games

Today at 2K’s press conference they announced upcoming games for release in the next fiscal year. While NBA 2K was slated for an early October release, MLB was nowhere to be found. According to this post at Kotaku, basically 2K says that the contract has run it’s course and they have no further updates.

What that says to me is that unless MLB gives away the license, there’s no game next year. I agree with Kotaku — with the 360 in the sunset years, there’s no reason for anyone else to swoop in and design a game for one year. That means without a new console there could be no baseball game for the 360 next year. Ouch.

Hey wait, doesn’t Microsoft still have the High Heat Baseball intellectual property? I guess we can dream….


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2 Responses to So long, Xbox 360 Baseball games

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    No more Riding the Pines podcast? :/


  2. MeanOnSunday says:

    As a first party Microsoft could have released a baseball game on 360 at any time, so realistically the only hope is EA. Maybe they could offer 2K $5 and a bag of donuts for the art assets to MLB.


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