Wednesday notes

I am en route to tonight’s Brewers game and thought I would post something, as it appears that I am slacking on that detail of late.

– Most of my time of late has been eaten up by family stuff, sports activities, and Diablo III.

– Family stuff has been coaching my daughter’s soccer team and I have to say that it has been an experience that I would love to repeat, and not because of issues with coaching her…but with the difficulties I have with one of the other kids.   Some of them are just awesome and are fun to try and teach….the other thinks she is some sort of 7 year old Mia Hamm.  Definitely annoying.

– As far as sports is concerned, I have been trying to completely rebuild my golf game, and last week that took the for of the worst round that I have ever played…. But thankfully I stuck with it for a few more holes after my league round was done and started to see some real positive changes in distance and accuracy. It just sucked to have to go through such an awful round to get some good results later. I guess sometimes you have to blow some things up to rebuild them.

Also, I have really been working on distance running and completed my first 8 mile run over the weekend. That was a whole different experience than any type of distance run than I have done in the past, mainly due to the fact that I had to start eating and drinking during the run. There is something awful about the feeling of water and food splashing around in your stomach while jogging along. Fun stuff.

– Lastly when it comes to Diablo III, that game is just a bucket full of total awesomeness. Single player is great. Co-op is great. There is a part of me that is bummed that I am going to the game tonight and not staying home and spending more time with my Barbarian.

Maybe that is because the Brewers are a giant ball of suck lately…. That might be part of it too.

– Later…

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